What exactly makes a product earn Holy Grail status for you?


We all have our own opinions on what exactly we expect a product to be able to do for us. Here are some of the things I look for in a product that makes me know that it will stay in my rotation for a long time.

1. It has to be moisturizing

With my hair type this can be a big ask. My hair needs a lot of moisture but it can’t be in a heavy form like a butter or oil, or it will feel weighed down and I will have limp curls.  So I look for something that adds moisture to my hair but is lightweight enough to still allow my waves to bounce back to their fullest potential. One of my favorite moisturizing ingredients is argan oil; when I see a product with that listed I have a hard time passing it up.

2. It has to give me definition  

Having looser waves, it’s important that my products can help my hair remain clumped throughout the day so that my waves don’t disappear into each other. Regardless of being a cream, custard or gel, if the product doesn’t help define my separate curl clumps I am not going to want to use it.

3. It has to have hold

This is another thing I am very picky about, products must have enough of a hold to keep my waves under control all day but it cannot be so hard that I am unable to scrunch out the crunch and am left with stringy waves. The perfect amount will form a cast that is easily scrunched out after my hair has dried.

4. It has to be lightweight

This one almost goes hand in hand with how moisturizing it should be. However, there is more to a product being lightweight than just how much moisture it adds. I look for products that generally can be layered with multiple other products and not cause my waves to fall down.

5. It has to give me volume

When you have wavy hair, a lot of times it will want to lay flat to your scalp but to get the waves all the way up I need a product that can lift and give my waves room to move.  I tend to find the best volumizing products in sprays such as Tresemme sea salt spray or Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Blow Dry Spray.

To sum it up

When I find a styling product that can tick at least three of these requirements I know it will be repurchased multiple times. The day I find one that can meet all of these requirements, my hunt for the perfect styling product will be over.

Or maybe the product junkie in me would never let me actually stop trying out new things…because you never know if something might just blow you away.

How do you know when you have found a product that makes your Holy Grail list?

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