The Bald Movement is empowering women to embrace the essence of being bald.

Haven’t you heard…Hair is not the necessity for beauty, you are.

“Haven’t you heard…Hair is not the necessity for beauty, you are.”

This pretty much sums up the purpose of this movement…The Bald Movement (TBM) was created by New York City model, Nell Coleman, so that women can realize their beauty despite society’s traditional image of beauty.

We are among some empowering and uplifting women who are ready to spread their wisdom, joy and aha moments with us in the most inspiring ways. I was so excited about Nell wanting to graciously share her motivating movement with NaturallyCurly.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.  How did you get started?

My name is Nell Coleman, a native of Little Rock, AR with a Barbadian background. I’m a semi pro model in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, I was ridiculed for my appearance including my hair, and because of it I did not love or accept myself.

In 2010, I decided that I would no longer allow the ways of the world to tell me that I wasn't beautiful because I didn't fit the stereotypical standard of beauty. To free myself from the stress of trying to fit in by changing my hair, I shaved my hair off in hopes of showing the world that hair was not needed to be beautiful. I then discovered that true beauty had nothing to do with the appearance and everything to do with who I was as a person. Your confidence, compassion, love for self and others, and your willingness to be yourself is what made you beautiful inside and out. I use The Bald Movement to show that no matter how you got there, bald is beautiful and to embrace it.

What is your mission?

To support and empower women and children to embrace the essence of being bald

What do you love most about being bald?

It's care free, stress free, easy to manage, no bad hair days, it accentuates my facial features, it allows people to focus on my face, it allows me to focus more on myself as an individual, hair can be very distracting you know.

What do you say to women who feel that their hair defines their self-worth?

As I always say, hair is not the necessity for beauty, you are.

Your hair doesn't determine your beauty; it's who you are on the inside that determines your beauty, your self-worth, your value. A beautiful heart, mind, and soul shines brighter than a women just a beautiful face or hair.

What are some of the reasons women have joined the movement?

Simply because of what the movement stands for. TBM is all about self-love, self-acceptance, building your confidence, reducing depression in those who don't feel beautiful, loving yourself no matter the circumstances, and even showing those with hair who support TBM that true beauty isn’t about the hair, it’s about you.

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