Tatiana at "Texture on the Runway."

"Texture on the Runway" went off without a hitch! Seriously, we couldn't have dreamed up a better event! The texture that graced the runway ran the gamut of waves, curls and kinks, and the men and women present were rocking their own natural styles, too!

Of course, the real brains behind the beauty of the event were the stylists themselves. Check out how Dickey from Hair Rules achieved texture on all hair types, and then steal the looks for yourself.

Turning Straight to Textured

Tatiana is one of IMG's new up and coming stars. Recently, she strutted the runway at "Texture on the Runway" for Hair Rules, donned with gorgeous curls brushed out into great retro waves around her face. This look complimented her heavily highlighted naturally flat straight hair.

To achieve the look, Dickey first ruffed dried Tati’s hair upside down for lift at the root, which removed about 95 percent of the water. Then he sprayed Hair Rules' new Volumizing Hair Spray for all hair textures from root to the ends.

Next, he proceeded to brush and distribute the volumizer throughout her hair and then went ahead and forward set her hair with small Caruso steam rollers and let them set for half an hour. Finally, Dickey simply brushed out the front into a deep side part, sprayed for hold and let the rest of her curls remain loose at the bottom.

Toni models wild, curly hair at "Texture on the Runway."

Letting Natural Textures Rule the Runway

For Toni, Hair Rules' kinky textured model, Dickey added five tracks of hair matching her exact texture and length, then colored the tracks to match her hair and wet set her kinks with Hair Rules Curly Whip for optimal definition. Then, he flipped her curls over and shook it all out and elongated to release the curl pattern.

Next, he sprayed for lift and more volume with Hair Rules' new Volumizing Hairspray for all textures to keep the curls defined. The spray goes on dry, so you don’t have to worry about the sticky, wet, tacky feeling you normally get from hairsprays.

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