Daphne Leblanc

The "Texture on the Runway" event was a top notch hair runway show that surpassed my expectations. The runway event showcased kinks, curls, coils and waves with an array of different textured hair.

The brand and salon industry professionals that gathered for this event included HairRules, Arrojo, Matrix, Curls Unleashed, Minardi Color and CURLS. The event was hosted by Michelle Breyer of TextureMedia and YouTube’s well know natural super star, Taren Guy (Taren916).

Each brand showcased textured hair using their unique theme. For example, Hair Rules went back to the 70s and 80s, creating big bouncy beautiful curls, while Matrix's interpretation of texture was exemplified by depicting hair with a neo-Victorian look while maintaining a fresh modern edge. It was simply amazing.

Arrojo introduced their new American Wave product which allows for a healthier “permed” look, and Curls Unleashed, a new product by Organics Root Stimulator, focused on curly, textured hair!

Overall, the runway was breathtakingly beautiful. The artistry shown by the styles and brands was phenomenal.

I applaud TextureMedia for making their vision a reality and allowing me to be part of it!