I recently cut my hair and already, I am missing its length.

One of my subscribers asked me if I have ever tried the Inversion Method for rapid hair growth and I had no clue what she was talking about. After a looking into it, I was intrigued.

Here’s how it works

  • Invert your head for a few minutes for faster rate of hair growth
  • Do this method for 7 days straight, then wait a month before trying it again

Basically, the concept behind the Inversion Method is that when you invert your head for a few minutes, you are allowing all of the blood to rush to your head. The idea is that all of the nutrients beneficial for healthy hair will reach the scalp a lot faster, promoting hair growth at a much more rapid pace.

A simple scalp massage already stimulates blood flow to the area to promote hair growth, so inverting your head afterwards is said to boost the results to one inch in one week. Since there have been several success stories, I was really hoping this would work for my curls.

How I did the Inversion Method

  • Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil and massaged my scalp for 4 minutes straight
  • Lay down and hang my head on the edge of the bed

While there are a few different ways to do this method, I chose to go with the most common. As instructed, I massaged my scalp for a solid four minutes first. Since I typically use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for the amazing scalp and hair benefits, I decided to include it in my massage for this method. After the four minutes were completed, it was time to invert. I did this a few different ways.

At times I would just flip my head down past my knees and just let the upper half of my body hang, while other times I would lay on my bed and allow for my head to hang over the edge. 

I felt more pressure at my temples on nights where I had my head hang over the edge of the bed, so I assumed that was most effective in getting the blood to rush to my head. Once inverted, I had to wait 4 minutes.

It is important to state that when the 4 minutes were up, I really had to get up slowly so as to not feel woozy. With that being said, I don’t recommend anyone who was pregnant or suffers from migraines or regular headaches to attempt this method. No sense in the risk.

Did it work for me?

Unfortunately, I didn’t really see much difference other than the top left side of my head having grown a little over an inch. I am not quite convinced that the growth came from the inversion method, though. It is recommended to do this method for 7 days straight and once the week has passed, wait a month before trying it again so that your body doesn’t get used to the method. Do I plan on trying this again next month? Probably not.

The first two or three days were filled with hope and excitement, thinking that I’d come out of this week looking like Rapunzel.

It gave me a headache at times and by day 4 though, I grew tired… sleepy. On one night I went to bed and forgot, then quickly got up and went through the steps. Mind you, I recorded the process so I had to set up the camera and lights, too.

For me it was just way too much work for not a lot of change.

Have you ever tried the Inversion Method? What were your results like?

Rocio Mora


RisasRizos is a YouTube channel created by Rocio, a Latina from New Orleans who through her own transition to naturally curly hair became eager to share what she has learned along the journey.

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