CurlyNikki book When Good Hair Goes Bad

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Congratulations to CurlyNikki on your latest book, When good hair goes bad! We’re so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

Nikki shared her inspiration on her blog:

My first book was actually inspired by my work as a psychotherapist. Many of my clients were young Black women that lived in low-income housing. These women had many serious challenges in their lives, but when we weren’t dealing with that, seemingly mundane topics like hair and self image would come up more often than you’d think. I would’ve simply referred them to the blog but many of them didn’t have reliable access to the internet. So I compiled all the natural hair info in one very organized place, within arm’s reach of anyone with a public library card. Better Than Good Hair was about access and empowerment.

Rather than empowerment and emotional support, women are looking for quick fixes, tips and tricks. To respond to all those emails would be instant carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m pretty sure I am just one detangling session from already being there.

To learn more about what you can find in Nikki’s latest book and how to get it, go to CurlyNikki!

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