From spray bottles that add moisture to shower caps to protect against it, there are so many tools a curly needs to stay on top of her hair. When it comes to a curling irons though, knowing how to clean your curling tools is very important. Curling irons can easily pick up dirt from regular handling. They are also notorious for taking on a thick, disgusting coating of buildup from hair products, ranging from hairspray to heat protectant. But have you ever considered cleaning your curling iron? Oftentimes, we forget this task, mainly because we don't know how. Here are 8 tips though that you can use on to clean your curling iron and keep your curls in check!

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1. Turn it off!

There are some that say it is easier to clean a curling iron when it is still a little on the warm side, due to the products being able to melt off. You run the risk of painful burns with this method though. Let's avoid this altogether, and just turn off our irons when we are cleaning them. Cleaning a cold curling iron with the right tools mentioned above will definitely get the job done without heat thrown in the mix.

2. Never submerge the curling iron in liquid

You could potentially mess up the electrical components by submerging your iron in water or a cleaning solution. It is better to take your paper towel and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the paper towel, and then rub down the entirety of the curling iron, paying special attention to any plates, heating elements, or areas with excessive buildup. Skip the water, and use the following cleanser instead.

3. Use rubbing alcohol

It is common to hear that you can use an all-purpose cleaner, but these can be a little too abrasive for the surface of your curling iron. It is also incredibly hard to get all of the cleaner off and you may end up with it in your hair; and Girl, who wants that to happen? Rubbing alcohol is great solution for cleaning because it evaporates on its own and won’t leave behind a strong smell.

4. If the iron isn’t that dirty...

Stop here. The rubbing alcohol in Step 1 may be enough to properly clean it. If you are working with a lot of product buildup though, it may be best to obtain a commercial cleaning solution from your nearest professional beauty supply store or use tools to remove the buildup.

5. Use a toothbrush and a paper towel

A paper towel will be needed to clean the larger parts such as the handle, but a toothbrush is really useful for getting into the nooks and crannies of your iron. Toothbrushes are also strong enough to remove caked on product without scratching the surface of the iron.

6. Make a baking soda paste

To tackle tough buildup, combine a mixture of baking soda and enough water to create a paste in a small bowl. Using the toothbrush and the mixture, scrub the areas with the most buildup until it comes off.

7. Wipe it down

Next use a wet paper towel with just water to wipe away any rubbing alcohol or baking soda mixture left behind, along with the buildup.

8. Thoroughly dry your curling iron

You never want to use a wet curling iron because it is a serious safety hazard! Always make sure your curling iron is thoroughly dry after a cleaning, before use. I would even go so far as to say, after drying it with a towel, let air dry to give any small water droplets a chance to evaporate.

So the next time you need to clean your curling iron, try out these tips. Cleaning your curling iron can be a breeze;  it's just about knowing the right methods to keep your tools lasting for a long time and your curls looking right! 

Know of any other ways to clean your curling tools? We want to know!

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