How you dry your hair is usually determined by hairstyle, texture, preference, and lifestyle. Drying your hair doesn’t have to be complicated but some things are not simple. If your blow-dryer is causing dryness and walking outside with wet hair is not an option, then consider these four ways to dry your hair.



This is self-explanatory and the go-to for most curlies. If water and products dripping on your clothes, neck, and face bother you, then this may not be the best option. I have noticed that allowing my curls to air-dry garners the softest results. Air-drying gives me the best wash and go’s, soft two-strand twists, and braid out.



Plopping is taking a t-shirt or microfiber towel to absorb excess water from your hair. It also helps to define your curls. People with at least shoulder length waves and curls use this to reduce drying time enhancing their curl definition. Many women will plop while they eat breakfast, get dressed, and put on makeup. Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel because a regular cotton towel is too rough on your hair’s cuticle. Cotton towels are okay when gently dabbing the hair to absorb excess water and product, but you never stroke your hair with it or coif it atop your crown while your hair dries.

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Diffusing is great when plopping is not an option for your length or texture. You can either purchase a diffuser dryer or a diffuser attachment for the nozzle of your blow-dryer. This tool helps to disperse the air from the dryer, assuring that there is not direct heat. You may also want to keep the air speed low, so that your hair is not disheveled. Be sure to keep the dryer on a cool setting so that you are not frying your hair. Some curlies experience moisture depletion even when using a diffuser attachment, so it will be for you to decide whether this is an option and how often you use it. My fine, 4a strands are too dense to hold a heavy blow-dryer for 30 minutes so I plop until the water stops dripping and then I air-dry the rest of the day.


Hooded dryer

A hooded dryer is great for setting styles. When you have installed twists or roller set your hair a hooded dryer will help your hair to dry within minutes or hours. Use a hooded dryer when you have an event to attend and you know your hair takes more than a day to dry. This tool is also great for setting wash and go’s if you live in a windy climate that will tousle your hair and create frizz. Similar to the diffuser, you will want to keep the temperature setting on cool. The hooded dryer and diffuser are also great options in the cooler months if you want to avoid a freezing scalp. A soft hooded dryer pictured above is more affordable can take up less space to store than a traditional hooded dryer, which can be an investment of money and space.

How do you dry your curly and coil hair?

This article was originally published in 2015, the links have since been updated.