Resist the urge to mute your voice; its volume is both meaningful and impactful. You weren't created to play it safe.

Get rid of the traditional baggage that was, for lack of a better word, beaten into you and the generations preceding you. Eliminate subjective thoughts that might not have any actual solidity according to what you've seen in your own walk.

Give your mind, body and soul a clean slate.

You are not meant to have all the answers to the world, and that is quite alright.  We were all placed here to be of use to each other and the world we live in. Don't fear the bed of humility; sure, it can be dangerous if you mistake it for shame. However, if utilized effectively, it can be the resting place for all of your antiquated beliefs, force fed information that has further segregated you from humanity. In turn, it will allow you a rejuvenated outlook on the true opulence this world has to offer your journey.

To love yourself is to first accept the differences of others, wholly and without conditions. Your own beauty will radiate to the world and onlookers can learn a thing or two from your sense of pride. 

Paint your own picture of idealism and flaunt it with pride.

Resist the urge to mute your voice; its volume is both meaningful and impactful. Self doubt holds only a precarious spot in the garden that is your consciousness but can be removed if you simply stop watering it. Defeat is only a state of psychological poverty, a disease that can be cured if you just stopped giving it so much life. 

Tell me. What are you willing to do for your own happiness?

To love yourself is to accept the differences of others wholly and without conditions. Onlookers can learn a thing or two from your pride. Practice makes perfect: make at least one attempt each day to appreciate the uniqueness in another person. Observe the behaviors and fashions of people who appear extremely comfortable with themselves.

Filter your vision to only acknowledge realness and rawness, and don't let a subjective opinion skew you from doing so. Step outside of your own comfort zone and greet a stranger with a compliment. Through regular practice, you will come to understand the meaning of panpsychism. Of course, you want to protect your heart and keep your mind. But what is the worst that could happen? You may live this entire life never knowing the full potential of your love. 

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