For some wavy-curly girls, flatness is not ideal. Many of us want volume and more curl uniformity.

One of the biggest problems some of us face is hair that will not look uniform on our head when the roots refuse to curl. Often it is from the weight of the hair, especially if your hair grows down instead of out. One reader with Type 2 wavy curls asks the NC community for help.


“Help! My once big, beautiful curls are becoming flat. What is the problem?”

Last year, I started to actually use product and diffuse my curly hair. Over the past year, my hair seems to be falling flat and losing its curl above the ears. Recently I [used] a cleansing shampoo and it made my hair curly again. The next time I tried it though, my hair was flat one again. I need help! I normally use mousse and a spray in my hair.


If your hair is thick and long, those characteristics can account for the weight of your hair (thus, falling flat”>. Sometimes, our hair needs a quick reminder on how it is supposed to curl and not just where it wants to. Here’s how to fix that.

1. Squish and scrunch your curls.

While most curlies use the squish to condish technique for removing excess water from hair or for removing the gel cast once hair dries, scrunching also encourages hair to have defined curls. Gently squeeze your hair upward from the ends towards the roots. Scrunching hair is a curly girl’s best friend to combat limpness.

If possible, hold your head upside down over while you scrunch in a styling product, as this will fully distribute the product and increase texture formation at the roots. Use a diffuser attachment to accelerate your drying process without whisking away too much moisture or promoting a frizz halo.

2. Clip and style your curls.

Add volume and height by clipping the roots of your curls to your roots with metal duckbill clips or bobby pins, like wavy-curly YouTube creator JustCurly:

Scrunch medium-hold stylers into your curls for a light, lasting hold. A fan favorite for years has been Mop Top Medium Hold Anti-Frizz Gel or SoCozy Medium Hold Styling Gel.

3. Consider getting a haircut.

If all else fails, a Devacut (Foundation cut”> is an option. This may help relieve some of the weight of your curls and give you better volume. Enlist in a professional with plenty of experience–visit our salon finder database stylists and reviews.


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