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There are times throughout your hair journey when your hair stops responding the way it normally does. This can happen if you color your curls, style it in a new way, or stay in the swimming pool for way too long. These things happen, it is a part of life and we have to move forward. Learning to repair our curls is important, especially when these situations occur. Once we master these practices, we will know exactly what to do and our curls will bounce back in no time. If you have protein sensitive curls that are in need for restoration, try these steps.

Test for protein sensitivity

How do you know if your hair is protein sensitive? Sabrina Perkins, a Naturally Curly contributor, explains that you should try products that contain protein and see how your hair responds.  She explains, “Experiencing dry, stiff, and brittle hair after using a product with protein or high amounts of protein is a good indicator that too much in present in your hair, which compromises the protein and moisture balance.” These symptoms should be kept in mind, especially if you are unsure if your curls are protein sensitive.

If you are testing to see if your hair is protein sensitive, slowly start to use products that contain protein. Try using a protein deep conditioner along with a moisturizing conditioner. The moisturizing conditioner can help prevent the dry, stiff, and brittle hair. If you prefer not to mix the two, try using a hot oil treatment after the protein conditioner to moisturize your curls. Deep condition your curls bi-weekly or once a month to prevent protein overload. If your curls are not responding well to the protein, try using protein-free deep treatments. Previously, I wrote an article that shared ten deep conditioners that are protein-free. These are great choices and could work for your hair regimen.

Protein in your diet

You can also repair your curls by consuming protein rather than using it on your curls. Consuming high quality meat in your diet is a way to incorporate protein, which can aid in healthy and strong hair. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? You can consume protein in beans, chickpeas, and other plant-based sources. At times, we need to be reminded that we also have to take care of our bodies and consume healthy foods to repair ourselves from the inside and outside.

Protein-free fixes

Gently care for your curls, in addition to cleansing, deep conditioning, and a maintaining a healthy diet. Take your time with detangling, style your hair according to your lifestyle, moisturize and seal ends, and protect your hair at night. These are ways you can repair your hair without worrying about using protein.

Trim your ends

Finally, look at the ends of your hair. If you are experiencing damaged or split ends, you should consider getting a trim or a haircut. A fresh new start is usually the way to go. I rather have short and healthy hair than long hair that is damaged.

Are your curls sensitive to protein? What are ways you restore your hair? Please share with the curly community.

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