So many of our curlfriends old and new have shared encouraging words with us as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary. We love the support we receive from other empowering curly entrepreneurs, so this heartwarming message from Mahisha Dellinger, the brilliant founder of CURLS, is very special to us. has had an amazing impact on CURLS. CURLS was launched on in 2002, before the rise of social media.   As the Mecca for all things curly, I knew that an early partnership with founders Michelle and Gretchen was imperative.  The very first samples we ever sent went to NaturallyCurly members! Our first internet banner advertisement was posted on NaturllyCurly, and my first curly hair article and column were posted there too.  The partnership has continued, more than 11 years later! As we always say, it’s a CURLS thing!

If you’d like to share your story of how NaturallyCurly has impacted YOU, please share it here! We love to read all of your responses.

Pictured Mahisha and the CURLS staff

Gretchen Heber

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