"I think this book is right on time. We live in the times of change, when more and more discussions are held about body image, perfection of beauty (in my opinion that doesn't exist) and how imperfect can be the new perfect. Only now we start to really acknowledge the amazing variety of shapes, forms, colors of humans - and celebrate it." - Review of "The Curl Revolution" on GoodReads.

Nineteen years ago, my business partner Gretchen Heber and I embarked on an amazing adventure called NaturallyCurly.com, with $300, a 14-year-old web designer and our frustration about the lack of respect, information and products for curly girls like us. We wanted to create a place for people like us – a place where people could get inspiration, support and education about their curls, coils and waves. We started at a time when there were only a handful of curl products and few curl-savvy stylists. Straight hair was the standard of beauty, and there were few curly role models in pop culture.

As NaturallyCurly grew – along with the volume of information, product reviews, salon reviews and advice on the site - the idea for a NaturallyCurly book started coming up. But the timing never seemed right, especially with the demands of a growing business.

There came a point where I realized I had to make the time to write a book. Writing the book and interviewing other curl pioneers and community members has been a true labor of love. It has reminded me of why we launched the site in 1998, and how far we've come. The book is a celebration all the progress and people who have transformed the curly world.

The book is a celebration all the progress and people who have transformed the curly world.

"The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community" launches Oct. 3rd. But it's officially an Amazon bestseller, and is the No. 1 new release on Grooming & Style. 

This book – like NaturallyCurly - is really the community's book. It draws from the amazing stylists and curlies who have contributed their experiences, passion and advice to the site over the past two decades. You all are the curl revolutionaries. The site, and the book, wouldn't exist without you.

We'll be celebrating the official launch date with a book signing and party at BookPeople in Austin, followed by a tour that will take us to cities around the country – from Boston to San Francisco.

I am thrilled at the initial reaction to the book, which is getting positive reviews from both curly girls and stylists alike. It has a 4.9 out of 5-star review on GoodReads, which allows people to review advance copies of new books. Scott Musgrave, founder Curly Hair Artistry, which trains and mentors curl stylists around the world, did a video review 

"This gorgeous book is a treasure trove of information for women, children and men with curly hair… This is a compendium of good, solid, and in fact, invaluable advice for people with curly hair… If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, this review doesn't speak to you and I'm sorry. But if you're a curly haired person, this book is so worth getting!" – Review of "The Curl Revolution" on GoodReads.

"Every Curly Girl, mother of, father of, grandparent of, or guardian of one needs this book! I wish I had this book when I was young." -Review of "The Curl Revolution" on GoodReads.

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You can order the book from SHOPNaturallyCurly for 20 percent off until Oct. 15th with the coupon code: CR20

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