Matrix model wears a textured braid

You don’t host a NYFW event and not ask the designers, or in our case the stylists, to give you the down low on how they worked their magic behind the scenes. Seriously, it just wouldn’t be right and we would be denying you content that you have a RIGHT to.

So here it is. Matrix breaks down our favorite textured hairstyle from their “Texture on the Runway” presentation. We expect to be seeing you rocking this look on the streets with your, “I got this look look from the runway” swag.

Go on with your bad self.

Pompadour + Braid + Texture

Daniel Roldan, Artistic Director for Matrix, explains how he got the textured braid look at “Texture on the Runway.”

  1. Start by applying Biolage mousse to dry hair to create a texture bass.
  2. Micro-crimp the entire head from scalp to ends to expand the hair.
  3. Once hair is completely micro-crimped, create a horseshoe shape on top of the head. Sub-section the front hairline and clip it away.
Matrix model wearing a textured braid
  1. In the back of the horse shoe shape, section off hair to start the top of a French braid. Then, French braid the hair down the center of the head leaving the sides out, like a mohawk braid.
  2. Return to the top of the head, backcomb and create a square cushion and pin into shape. With front hairline, gently backcomb and lay on or overlap the square cushion.
  3. To complete the style, on the sides of the head, start to backcomb sections starting externally and working towards the hairline. Create your base and shape, then overlap the hair on to the cushion and anchor it to the braid. Continue to crisscross, side to side and down the back of the head, and braid.

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