Girl with flowing curly hair

Using the new Arrojo American Wave System, we are creating a dynamic, versatile variety of modern, multi-textured styles tailored to the individual. We will illustrate our commitment to contemporary and creative, wearable and trend-conscious hairstyles with texture and movement.

Our muse is the multi-cultural, multi-textured styles found on the fashionistas of the New York City streets. Helping to define the character, tastes and styles of some of the Big Apple’s coolest cats, we find the mélange of textures a dynamic addition to the city’s kaleidoscope. The unique shapes inspire us to think of new ways to cut, color, style hair — we are using New York City street inspiration to create a trailblazing, texture-inspired runway-ready show.

It is hard to know what colors will be used until we chose the models, but color is being incorporated into our show, and it will focus on fashion-forward techniques that marry color and texture together.

Using innovative, technical foil patterns and freestyle hair painting to create harmonized, admix colors, dyes will be used to blend ARROJO’s new wave of curl with rich saturation, smoldering heat, colorful billowing motion with volume, shape, shine.

For cutting, the exact techniques will be determined by the needs of the models, however, you can expect: scissor and razor cut asymmetry, disconnection, undercutting, aggressive, spiral-shaped layering, and short to long cutting applied to visionary dark to light, ombre colors, and cascading, free-falling, tumbling waves and curls.

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