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Every week we receive questions in Curly Q&A about curl pattern, density, and width. People want to know how they can increase the thickness and fullness of their hair and ways to “loosen” their curl pattern. Well, until science advances, those things are not possible in ways you would like or expect. Before you exhaust yourself digging for ways to permanently alter your hair, here are three things that are impossible to change about your hair.


There is no way to increase the amount of hair follicles you have on your scalp. Hair restoration and scalp stimulants merely aid in healing a damaged follicle that is reparable; some damage is irreparable. If you want to create the illusion of having denser hair, then maintaining a clean scalp and creating voluminous styles is the key. A dirty scalp full of excess sebum, debris, and hair products make stands cluster at the scalp, restrict movement, and make the scalp more visible.

Biotin is great for those with a vitamin B deficiency, but if that is not you then there are no hair growth or thickening benefits, according to Sister Scientist. Remember to speak with your primary care physician before taking any supplements.

To mimic fuller hair, try different approaches to styling. Creating twist outs and braid outs with lots of separating or picking at the roots will also help to create volume. Remember to use light products that do not weigh your hair down and be gentle as to not cause breakage. When creating roller sets, separation will also help to create volume. Consider using low heat when straightening your hair to avoid bone straight results. Also, pin curling as you go so the hair can set with body at the roots. For Type 2 and looser Type 3 curls, consider drying your curls with prong clip at the roots so that your hair sets with volume.

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No amount of castor oil will take your strands from fine to coarse, according to Sister Scientist. When it comes to having finer stands, you must be even more cautious of how you handle your curls. Finer strands are more prone to breakage than normal or coarse strands, so it is more vulnerable to experience heat damage and considerably fragile when detangling and styling.

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New Curl Pattern

Relaxers, texturizers, and sometimes permanent color will change your curl pattern but this only results in loosing not widening. For example, if I use a texturizer, my 4a strands will not become 3b; My coils will experience an effect similar to pulling on a spring; my curls will be stretched but the diameter of my curls will not be enlarged.

Relaxing or texturizing your curls and coils will not guarantee that they will become more defined either. For a more defined, consistent aesthetic, try roller sets like cold perm rods, magnetic rollers, flexi-rods, and Curlformers.

Now what?

Work with what you have! Your hair is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with fine, low density, frizzy hair. Know that you are not alone and every texture has challenges.

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