"Gosh I just love how my hair is brushing out in clumps"...said literally no one on this Earth.

Well, maybe someone's said it, but I'd be willing to bet no small sum it wasn't an earnest statement.

And while my close-cropped curlies are out here killing it, not all of us are ready or able to make that step.


Still gorgeous though.

So when an armload of Groganics hair growth products landed on my desk, I was excited! But not for myself. As much as I may panic when the protective styles come down, I do know that I'm not yet ACTUALLY losing my hair. I never inherited spiritual resilience from anyone in my family, so ideally there'll be a follicular trade-off. But because the labeling says that these products are explicitly for help with thinning hair, I stayed clear.

The Groganics DHT Blocker System is meant to stop the advancement of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone—a sex hormone as you can guess by the end of the name. Despite our associations of a thick head of hair with virility, this stuff actually causes hair loss when it's present in either higher amounts or a higher ratio compared to female sex hormones.

Now since I'm not really eligible for experimenting on myself here, the question comes up: Who do I get to play mad hair scientist on?


NaturallyCurly audience, I'm looking at you.

Yep, y'all are on track to satisfy my lust for scientifically tracked progress by getting your hands on the some of the great items in Groganics DHT suite!

You'll receive:

Sweet suite deal, right?

That being said, there are a few caveats!

All participants will need to be over the age of 18, and ACTUALLY have thinning hair. I don't mean fine hair and/or lower density hair—we're not out to change your hair type here. Mostly because that's not possible, no matter what any product says, and your curls are wonderful just as they are. If your hair has started thinning due to falling out, y'all come on down. Because I need to be able to take some good photos, you'll need to be in Austin, Texas and able to get to our office in the Far West area once a week, four times per month for progress shots. You'll also have to commit to no protective styles that involve any extensions for the month—no crochet braids, no sew ins, no exceptions. We'll save y'all showing off the length you got vs the length you bought another time (personally, I'm thinking of some hip length styles after the black and red comes down).

Other than age, location, and locks status, this is a 100% open invite!

So how do you enter to win?

Drop a comment below if you meet the criteria, and yours truly will fish your name from a hat that will include the names of a few people I've dropped hints to offline as well. Are you feeling like I'll fish you from my freebies fedora? Test your luck from today until lucky September 13th, and we'll announce the winner and post the first accompanying pics soon after.

Can't wait for the results!