hair growth tips by rocio moraI have 3B/C curls and I am all too familiar with the frustrations of transitioning while retaining length and healthy hair growth, so in this video I will let you know my best kept secrets for putting an end to terminal length and unhealthy, unkempt curls.

If you are beginning your Curl Journey or transition, or perhaps you are trying to grow your hair out, follow these tips to help promote hair growth. Remember that healthy hair aids in hair growth so be kind to your curls and pay attention to their needs! These are things that I have done to help reach my personal hair goals.

I personally don’t do the length check anymore because that only adds stress to the journey. Enjoy your curly hair journey and embrace the process!

1. Give yourself a scalp massage.

This will stimulate blood flow to the area. Using an essential oil will unlock the hair follicle, promoting hair growth. It will also channel nutrients to the roots.

2. Try to lay off the heat.

You will see and notice a major difference within 6 months to a year if you lessen your flat iron or blow drying usage. Heat causes breakage and split ends, which of course slows down hair growth.

3. Get hair trims often.

If your hair is severely damaged, a trim is necessary. You may either big chop your entire damaged hair off at once, or transition by slowly trimming off the damaged ends until eventually 100% of your hair is naturally curly.

4. Search and destroy method

You will be able to cut off fairy knots, random single-strand knots, individual breaking ends or split ends. This will maintain your length. Remember, the search and destroy method should not completely replace a trim. It is for maintenance purposes, only!

5. Deep condition!

I cannot stress the importance of this step to keep your hair at its strongest state. It will improve elasticity and overall health and moisture to your curls.

6. Protective style whenever you can.

This will prevent dryness, retain length–further promoting hair growth. Curly ends tend to latch onto fabrics like pillowcases, scarves, and shirts. A protective style will hide ends temporarily to lock in moisture and allow room for growth. It is low maintenance and requires low manipulation, too.

7. Have a balanced diet.

Not only is this vital for over hair health, eating healthy will also keep your skin and body beautiful, as well. Drink plenty of water. Taking supplements high in biotin will help you achieve hair growth at a faster rate. It helps prevents hair loss and breakage. But do note, biotin benefits hair, although it should not be toted as a “magic hair pill” that will rapidly give you hair growth. Have realistic expectations!

8. Take care of yourself.

Stress is probably one of the top factors of extra hair shed, so try breathing exercises, working out, and getting a good night’s rest. The growth hormone is released while you are sleeping.

9. Be patient.

I completely understand the frustrations of transitioning, but do not quit! It took me 14 months to completely get my curls back to their natural state. I personally don’t do the length check anymore because that only adds stress to the journey. Enjoy your curly hair journey and embrace the process!

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