Here are some seriously fun myths compiled by the lovelies over at CurlTalk:


Some people seem to believe bread is incredibly relevant to hair care.

  • The reason that there is curly hair is because that person doesn't drink enough water. — Greatcurls
  • That shampooing twice was the ONLY way to get clean hair. — OperaDiva
  • That black people's hair doesn't grow. Why? Because it just doesn't. — SummerRuby
  • Eating the crusts on bread would give me curly hair. — plunkybug
  • I was told that burnt toast grew hair! — Torimom
  • The longer you go without washing your hair, the longer your hair will grow. — Greatcurls
  • Curly hair is immature/childlike. Straight hair is mature/adult. — aubin
  • Someone told me that hair was dead brain cells being pushed out of your head. So people with long hair were much more stupid as more of their brain cells had died. — Hotrox
  • I've heard curly hair referred to as 'bad' hair. — Curledlove
  • That when you have your period you cannot wash your hair. — alot_of_curls
  • I grew up with the 'eat your crusts it will make your hair curl' line. So I NEVER ate my crusts. But to no hair still curled (for which I am now happy). — Ceileigh
  • If you don't shampoo and brush everyday you'll end up with dreadlocks. — heidi
  • You have to trim regularly so your hair will grow. —GRU