You may have noticed a hashtag trending among the women in your social feeds lately. With over 100,000 images uploaded and 20 million people reached so far, it's hard to miss the #1 trending hashtag on Instagram and Facebook.

#BornandMade is a new movement that encourages every girl to be who they were truly born and made to be. It was started when Carol's Daughter teamed up with I Am That Girl, a non-profit co-founded by Emily Greener that inspires girls to love, express, and be exactly who they want to be. You know that's what we strive to do here every single day so we are so here for this! 

If you are too, then it's easy to get involved. Simply upload your own photo at and tell us who you were born and made to be, because "where we’re born, what we were made with — whether those are good or bad things — all play into the people that we ultimately become,” Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter, told Pop Sugar.

Lisa Price and Emily Greener joined forces with a few more of our favorites from Naptural85 to activist and writer Michela Angela Davis and more, and together they're giving women a powerful platform to showcase their individuality while inspiring others to be who they are. This couldn't have come at a better time, when there are so many voices telling them who they’re “supposed” to be - what we should wear, how we should talk, what our careers should be, and, of course, "acceptable" ways to wear our hair.

That is why it's more important than ever before that we help our girls “understand and recognize their power and the right way to use it. It’s imperative to remind them of who they are, and what they are…in the world. If I can help with that, then I’m getting up for a good reason every day,” says Lisa Price.

As daughters, mothers, friends and women who work every day to help other women embrace what they were born with, we couldn't resist getting in on the movement.

We shared ours, now we'd love to see yours! Create your own at

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