Get great second day hair with these curly hair tips from our readers.

Most of us would prefer not to wash our curly locks every day. But second-day hair can be a challenge to achieve.

Don't despair, say curl experts. With the right tools and curly hair tips, your curls can look good on the second, and even the third, day.

There are numerous reasons why we strive for second-day hair. Many of us would like to save time in the morning rather than washing and styling our hair from scratch every day. Second-day hair also can be healthier because the natural oils help keep the hair moisturized, making it softer and shinier.

But many of us wake up with a head full of frizzy, out-of-control curls. So what's the secret?

On one thing, most everyone agrees: "Good second-day hair is only going to happen if you have good first day hair," says Amie Zimmerman of Dirty Little Secret Salon in Portland, Ore. "Take care of it with the proper products to begin with."

1. Comb, condition and dry

Sheila Head of Head Designs in Oakland, Calif., suggests cleansing and conditioning with your favorite product, combing the conditioner through the ends with a wide-tooth comb or with your fingers. The comb flattens your cuticle layers, which helps control the frizz and begins the creation of a uniform curl pattern.

To blot excess water, use a microfiber towel, paper towel or a t-shirt rather than a terrycloth towel.

"They take out the excess moisture, yet the fibers are more gentle," says Betty Di Salvo of The Curl Ambassadors in Toronto, Ont.

When applying your styling product, make sure to put it on in sections, making sure the entire section is coated. Then, let it either air dry or use a hair diffuser -- and don't touch it as it dries.

"The drying process is the setting process," Head says. "Fluffing, touching and shaking curly hair as it dries will cause it to frizz and will make the texture inconsistent."

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