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Podcasts have become a growing trend that has hit our ear waves in the past few years. The glorious thing about Podcasts is that there is literally something for everyone. We all know what a drag Wash day can be, but we have found a way to make the time pass faster. Wash day can limit any activity and there is no need to be miserable as your go-to product works miracle on your hair. We have compiled a list of MUST LISTEN podcasts that will ease the strain of a wash day while uplifting, empowering, and provoking a few laughs from you.

My Taught You

Our Curlbox Founder Myleik Teele is back with her “My Taught You,” podcast. These honest, truthful chats led by Teele ventures from the personal, professional and everything in between. She discusses life, love, finances, and interviews women authors, entrepreneurs and artists killin’ the game.

2 Dope Queens

Two heads are better than one in this powerful podcast from comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. These fearless New Yorkers are unabashed and fearless in their discussions of sex, race, and hair journey’s that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Other: Mixed Race in America

Exploring the melting pot that is multiracial America, Alex Laughlin interviews people about their experiences being Mixed today. It’s a short five-part miniseries, but don’t let that sway you from getting educated on the lives of men and women who are a part of the fastest growing demographic in the United States. 

The Read

Kid Fury and Crissle are a duo that are literally bringing all those small thoughts, comments, and beliefs you may harbor to life. This charismatic couple discuss pop culture, hot topics of the week, and shade, shade, shade to the point of delight. It’s like E! News, unfiltered. Kid Fury also is just a force of spunk and wit, so he makes listening easy.

GirlBoss Radio

The founder of Nastygal, author of #GirlBoss, and inspiration for the latest Netflix sensation starring Brit Robertson is brought to life on her #GirlBoss radio podcast. This interview podcast is led by Sophia Amoruso who is chatting with upcoming girlbosses who are leading the pack through creative, cultural, and entrepreneurial aspirations. She even gives one-on-one advice to her listeners and problem solves to help them succeed.

Dreams in Drive

Rana Campbell keeps it real by fearlessly discussing what happens when your career plans go awry. She interviews young professionals who took their setbacks and made them fierce comebacks. It’s authentic, vulnerable, and she holds nothing back when interviewing her guests who provide honest stories of tribulation and triumph on their paths to greatness. 

Call Your Girlfriend

For those long distance besties, this is literally up your avenue. BFFS Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman bring the sass, conversation, and chemistry that will have you grabbing the phone to chat up your best friend. From politics to pop culture, like any good friendship, nothing is off limits. That dynamic makes the listeners feel like they’re in on the conversation the whole time versus just listening in.

Another Round

Buzzfeed does dope podcasts…say what? Yes and yes. It's HILARIOUS because hosts Heben and Tracy keep it real. I mean really real. Bad jokes, race, gender, pop culture, and random tidbits that will stop you dead in your tracks and press replay.

Friends Like Us

This is the group of women you want to be sitting with. As serious as “girl talk” can be, these women of color keep it fresh and funky when discussing hair, feminism, post-racialism, and treatment of Black women by law enforcement. There are plenty of laughs, which keeps the heavy subject matter from killing your daytime mood.

Beat Latino

Para mi gente! Beat Latino is going to introduce you to the extremely diverse world that is Latino music. This bi-lingual podcast will introduce you to new artists who perform traditional, roots music and give you new songs to add to your music library. The host and producer Catalina Maria Johnson collaborates with many journalism heavyweights like Wall Street International Magazine and WBEZ in Chicago to keep you informed while you jam.

Do you listen to podcasts? Share your favorites with us below.

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