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Backyard barbeques, poolside cocktails, and ice-cream cones are just some of the season's fattening temptations. Fight those urges with these warm-weather fitness and nutrition tips. Then, hit the beach in a a flattering new swimsuit!

  1. Move It, Move It. If you only have five minutes to spare before going out, make the most of your time. "Do 500 jogs in place for five minutes," recommends celebrity personal trainer Terri Walsh. "It will give your face and skin an overall, healthy glow without getting you too sweaty."
  2. Eat a Breakfast of Champions. "Begin your day with a protein-rich meal, such as eggs and turkey bacon, to kick start your metabolism and curb sugar cravings throughout the day," suggests Erika Harmon, a nutritionist at Exhale Mind Body Spa.
  3. Hold Still. "Planks work your core and arms," says Jamie Lugo, an instructor at Pure Yoga. "Plus, it's a great way to get your heart rate up." To do a plank, lie on your stomach, and use your arms to lift yourself into a full push-up position. Make sure to keep your bum down and your body in one long line. Hold it for one minute.
  4. Shake It. Stephanie Vitorino, the group fitness manager at Equinox Sports Club in West LA, suggests mixing up a delicious protein shake to curb hunger. Blend eight ounces of chilled coconut with ice and one scoop of flavored whey protein powder (try vanilla or chocolate). Enjoy sipping on something sweet, minus the guilt.
  5. Get Fresh Air. Take advantage of the fair weather by moving your exercise routine outdoors. Stretch your legs at a local park, go biking with friends, or map out a scenic hiking route. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen!

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  1. Be Smart About What You Sip. Good news: You can enjoy happy hour! "Don't totally eliminate alcohol," says Harmon. "Just make smarter choices. Nix the high-caloric drinks, like Pina Coladas, and limit your intake. Request that your drinks be mixed with club soda or fresh fruit juice to reduce unnecessary sugar calories."
  2. Drip It Off. Perspiration has major skin and body benefits, so grab a girlfriend and try a hot yoga class. "A good sweat leaves you feeling rejuvenated, energized, and cleansed," says Lugo. "Always make sure to replenish with plenty of water and nutrients."
  3. Dear Diary. Every week, sit down and write out your workouts. Refer to each day's plan right before you hit the gym, and you'll stay motivated to complete your tasks. "It keeps your brain interested, and you'll be surprised by how much you've completed," says fitness guru Jackie Warner.
  4. Splash Around. You can do way more than just swim in a pool. Warner suggests doing jump squats in the shallow end. Bend your knees, then bounce out of the water as high as you can, and come back into a squat. The resistance from the water will send your muscles into overdrive.
  5. Replace Soda With H2O. Drink three liters of water every day. It's the easiest way to keep your organs clean and hydrated. Give the clear stuff a bit more flavor by adding sliced strawberries or a lemon wedge.

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  1. Update Your Exercise Playlist. There's nothing like fun summer jams to inspire you during a workout. Warner likes to change her playlist once a week. "It's exciting to listen to new songs," she enthuses. "It can really increase your intensity and keep you engaged."
  2. Eat Fat to Get Thin. According to Warner, foods like avocados, nuts, and seeds are considered good fats and can actually help burn up the bad ones. Ditch creamy dressing in favor of a quarter of an avocado in your lunch sandwich or salad.
  3. Don't Fake It. "If you hate resistance training, don't join a gym that specializes in it," offers Warner. Go online and search for fun workouts in your area, such as Zumba or spinning. "Try out a class that you've always been interested in!"
  4. Eat Light, Eat Right. Pick tinier meals when you grab dinner with friends. "Enjoy smaller, tapas-style portions to keep your taste buds excited and your waistline intact," says Harmon.
  5. Get Your Heart Beating. "The optimal way to train is to get your heart rate going up and down," explains Warner. Try this Treadmill workout: two minutes at a 12.5 incline and 3.5 speed, two minutes at no incline and a 7.0 speed, and one minute of no incline at 3.5 speed. Repeat it all three times for a total cardio workout of 20 minutes.

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