Professional photographer Michael July is attempting to bring a celebration of natural hair right to our coffee table tops!

For five years, he has searched for and captured the exquisite and diverse essence of natural hair, photographing over 240 unique, natural hair wearing individuals of different colors, ethnicities, ages and nations. The result is a coffee table book entitled "AFROS - A Celebration of Natural Hair," which tells the hair history of each model. It also highlights the lasting impression made by natural hair "pioneers" like Angela Davis and Jimi Hendrix.

July's book has a tentative release date set for mid-June. Tentative, however, because he is still looking for natural hair advocates (like us!) to back his project and help bring it to print.

Supporters can go to by Friday, April 20, 2012 at 5:55 pm EDT to pledge anything from $1 to $3,000 or more to help July reach his $20,000 goal for printing and shipping costs. The $50 pledge point includes a pre-ordered, author-signed copy of the book.

"My true target audience are young people who struggle with their self-identity because of negative media messages, peer pressure and lack of natural role models," July writes on Kickstarter. "That through these pages they may be encouraged to see and accept their own individual God-given beauty and hopefully a more positive and wholesome identity. Your donation will go towards that goal."

The book fully embraces what we are all about — waves, curls, coils and all! Backing July's book will be a great opportunity for us to help each other to accomplish a common goal of getting people worldwide to accept, embrace and celebrate natural hair whether they are wearing it or not.