By now you've seen the banners and gotten the email. Everywhere you look on NaturallyCurly it's TOO! TOO! TOO! But you've still been left wondering, "What in the world is all this TOO! business and how do I get in on the action?"

Well never you fear my dear curlies, the wait is over and as of today, TOO! is launched, ready and open for the public!

Exclusive Offers Just For Curlies

Texture Only Offers (TOO!) will be dishing up goodies once reserved for an inner circle of curlies. As a member of TOO!, you'll receive weekly emails serving up not-to-be-missed offers from some of your favorite curly brands including:

  • Customized product bundles
  • Limited edition product releases
  • VIP access to curly events
  • Unique packages from top salons and stylists

Get excited, curlies: the first offer should already be in your inbox! You're now an official Texture Only Insider! Make sure to visit TOO! to make sure you stay in the loop on all of the exciting and exclusive offers!