Meet Luvina Sabree, organizer of the Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo in Kileen and San Antonio, TX.

NC: What can attendees expect to see and experience at the event?

LS: Actress Kim Coles will make her first Natural hair show appearance in Texas and Tje Austin from TV’s “The Voice” will perform at the San Antonio expo. Asha Zulu Mandela, Guinness World Record Holder for the Longest Natural Dreadlocks, will make an appearance at the San Antonio and Killeen expos. Both expos will also feature workshops on natural hair and health, entertainment, a natural hair fashion showcase for children and adults, free giveaways and one of the largest product swaps.

NC: How does your event differ from other events happening in the community?

LS: Our event is different because of the audience that we cater too and it is the first of its kind. I am a veteran and my husband is retired from the Army and our hearts are with military and their families. Due to the diversity of the military families, we are able touch many. We cater to the military, government officials, their families and the local community surrounding the military bases.

NC: Anything else you would like to add?

LS: Our goal is to start here in Texas and expand globally educating military families, and the local community about natural hair, curly hair and health.

NC: Tell us where we can connect with your brand.

LS: To find out more about the event, you can visit the website for the event:, Facebook and Twitter. To connect with Killeen’s Happy 2 B Nappy  Hair Group visit Facebook.

NC: Lastly, what’s your opinion on the texture revolution. Do you see it becoming a bigger trend/movement? In Hollywood? In real life?

LS: The texture revolution is simply the beginning to realizing the beauty and power that we have within ourselves. With the texture revolution, people are learning to love yourself as you are — no chemicals needed. With increasing awareness, the texture revolution will become more than a trend or a movement. It will simply become a way of life. In Hollywood, you can already see celebrities celebrating their natural beauty. Stars such as Kim Coles, Solange Knowles,  and Nicole Parker are showcasing their natural hair on the red carpet. In communities across the country, people are starting to realize the negative repercussions that chemically treating your hair can have on the body. There are natural hair groups in many major cities and little towns and it’s all because people are finally educating themselves and loving themselves for who they truly are.


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