Have you ever passed by someone and thought, “Wow, they look awesome!” Some people just exude confidence. You can tell by their walk, how they hold their head high and how their eyes seem to sparkle. I liken this to a peacock, strutting around full of pride. Sometimes, as a natural, building self-confidence can be a long journey, almost like your natural hair journey. You may not feel like yourself rocking your own curls initially, but it will come with time.

See, Believe, Achieve!

Working on self-acceptance and appreciating your coils and curls is just one part of the journey, but it’s an important one.

    1. See it! One way to work on building your curly confidence is to see it in action. You can choose to do this by journaling your hair journey. Taking pictures along the way of your growth can work wonders in boosting your confidence. Many naturals create blogs to record their journey, and I wish I had done one when I first started. It’s great to reflect on how far you’ve come, and it also helps you to set goals for where you’d like to be.
    2. Believe it! Once you’ve discovered that seed of curly confidence, it’s time to cultivate it. Just as you would do for your hair, your self-confidence needs to be nourished and replenished too. I always wake up with the mantra that no one knows if I’m having a bad hair day unless I say so! That simply reminds me that no matter what I may be thinking or feeling on the inside, it doesn’t have to reflect on the outside. It’s amazing what adopting a positive attitude can do!
    3. Achieve it! So you’ve seen it, you’ve believed it, now you’ve got to achieve it. Once you’ve found that comfort level with your hair, you will feel more at ease with your curls. Having the extra confidence in yourself and your hair may lead you to try new hairstyles. You can learn all sorts of new things from your favorite vloggers and your curly friends too! When you have the confidence and with a little practice, you’ll be able pull off just about any style you try.

Final Thoughts

When you’re a natural gal, you can never have too much support. If you believe in yourself and have self-confidence, then you can be in a position to encourage and motivate others. Pay it forward within the natural hair community and help someone else who may need some uplifting. Confidence is contagious and you can be confident knowing you are beautiful no matter what! As the old adage says, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” What better way to do that than through your gorgeous mane of hair?