Audra Cooper owner of Naturally Divine Beauty Supply

NaturallyCurly: Introduce yourself and your company.

Audra Cooper Naturally Divine Beauty Supply

We provide a “One Stop” shopping experience both in-store and online for all your hair care and beauty needs. Our goal is to promote a healthier way to beauty by offering products with organic and natural ingredients that are better for your hair and skin. We also seek to educate, inspire women to embrace their natural beauty as well as provide support along your natural hair journey!

On October 1st, Naturally Divine Beauty will be moving to a new, stand-alone location to become a full natural beauty supply and natural hair salon! We will be minutes from Las Colinas, Addison and North Dallas near the 635 and 35 Corridor. It's a Great Centralized Location serving the entire metroplex. We are also looking for licensed cosmetologists and braiders dedicated to the care of natural hair and the use of natural hair care products.

NC: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the hair care business?

AC: I have acquired over 17 years of business experience in Fortune 100 Companies including PepsiCo/Frito Lay, Verizon & Raytheon. My career background spans broad business areas such as Accounting, Finance and Human Resources. I started my career with Deloitte & Touché, LLP and received a CPA license.

In 1998, after completing my MBA program, I transitioned into Human Resources where I served as a Strategic Human Resources Business Partner at the Sr. Manager level for various leadership teams. During my tenure at Frito Lay, I was part of the leadership team for a retail sales region. I also received an Eagle Award, the most prestigious Award, and was recognized nationally in front of my peers for my work. In January of 2011, I obtained my Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) Certification an upgrade from my previous credentials as a PHR.

After dedicating my time in corporate America, I decided to start my own business and became the founder and CEO of Naturally Divine Beauty Supply, LLC. I have been naturally curly since 2005, and since then, I have done significant research on natural hair and hair care products. I have spent time educating and coaching women on styling and maintenance of natural hair. Naturally Divine Beauty is off to a great start with the team looking forward to continued growth!

Texture Revolution: A New Era for the Curl

NC: Can you tell me a little bit about your own personal background and the event’s background?

AC: I am just a natural hair enthusiast, and I started off just like everyone else wanting to learn how to care for, style and manage my natural hair. I transitioned for a long time with micro braids and kinky twists back in 2005 because I did not know what to do with my hair. Finally in 2010, I said I have got to learn how to manage my own hair. I gained a thirst for knowledge and went on a quest for information. Just like everyone else, I was spending all-nighters on YouTube watching demonstration videos and on on various blogs and Facebook pages dedicated to natural hair as well as buying products online.

As a consumer I knew what I wanted and wished that there was a place in my city that I could go to experience all of the products at once in one location, being able to touch and feel, compare and contrast them side by side as opposed to having to buy online and wait until I got them. Locally I could find some of the products but not all of them in one location. So that is what inspired me to create Naturally Divine Beauty Supply. I wanted to provide that experience and offer it to my local community.

Texture Revolution: A New Era for the Curl is Naturally Divine's Beauty first event! The inspiration for the event is the same as the inspiration to open the store, which is to educate and inspire women to embrace their natural beauty as well as provide support along the journey! We want to give women options of natural hair styling as well as tools and resources to be successful. We want to transform the stereo types that only straight hair can be beautiful.

NC: Let’s talk a bit about the event: when, where, cost to enter, type of vendors, how often etc?

AC: Texture Revolution: A New Era for the Curl will take place on August 25, 2012 at the Addison Conference Center in Dallas, TX. Ticket are $10 and up.

We have a Fantastic Program planned for attendees including giveaways throughout the entire event from some of the best natural hair care companies out there. We have swagbags with amazing goodies for the first 100 attendees that sign up. I encourage you to register now!

Of course we will have vendor shopping for all the shopaholics out there! Vendors for apparel, jewelry, skincare, haircare, accessories, food and much more will be there, including Clutter Breaker, Fika Travel Tours, Scentsy, Ubowgrl, Autumnmore’, Living Well Dallas, LocStar Natural Hair Studio, Tiffany’s Loc Jewels, Shea Touch, LANUCH Private Label, Dope Crochet, K. Preist Collection, Deep in the Roots, Nappy Cakes, Tea & Tisane Salon and CutiCouture!

Naturally Divine Beauty Supply presents Texture Revolution event

NC: What can attendees expect to see and experience at the event?

AC: We have a dream team of natural hair experts that are coming from different parts of the country to share their passion of natural and naturally curly hair! Attendees and experiences at the event include:

  • Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey aka Beautifulbrwnbabydol - S.U.P.E.R N.A.T.U.R.A.L
  • Karen Wilson Top Natural Hair, Licensed Cosmetologist and Instructor
  • What's the Big Deal with the Big Chop: Effective Transitioning
  • The A-Z's of Texture and Naturally Curly Hair Styling
  • Kelly Foreman, Creator & CEO of Mop Top Hair Products
  • Got a Wild Hair!  Tame the Frizz & Be Beautiful
  • Betty Murray - Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Health Counselor
  • Pamela Jenkins - CEO & Creator of Koils By Nature
  • "Whip My Hair" Products at Home

NC: How does your event differ from other events happening in the community?

AC: We are bringing in experts from all over the country and adding a variety speakers that you do not see here locally on a regular basis! We have 100 swag bags packed with amazing goodies and tons of giveaways for our attendees.

NC: Anything else you would like to add?

AC: Our goal is to start here in Texas and expand globally, educating military families and the local community about natural hair, curly hair and health.

NC: Tell us where we can connect with your brand.

AC: You can connect with us at, on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

NC: Lastly, what’s your opinion on the texture revolution. Do you see it becoming a bigger trend/movement? In Hollywood? In real life?

AC: The Texture Revolution is definitely here to stay in all facets of our society.  I have noticed that it has become a major trend and movement in the fashion industry due to its spark in society. We have commercials targeted to those wearing natural hair and a high demand for natural hair models in the industry.