I Can't Work Out Because My Hair...

2011-03-31 10:23:57

I Can't Work Out Because My Hair...

Do you avoid working out because you don't want to ruin your curly hairstyle? We've got workout tips for curly hair to keep your 'do intact!

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Some women pass on working out because of their hair

“I think that’s a myth,” Danielle Andrews said when asked what she thought of women who pass on working out because of their hairstyle.

“I used to be a kick-boxing instructor and I would see many women wearing their hair in all sort of styles. I figured if you were serious about getting in shape, then hair would be the last thing on your mind,” Andrews said.

With a short cropped head of curls, Andrews, who works out five times a week, has a low-maintenance routine to keep her hair in check after enduring intense workouts. But other women with longer tresses find it difficult to manage their curls during sweat-drenching workouts.

“I hate to say it, but [my hair] is one of the main reasons I don’t work out,” says Sheryl Gifford. “I know that sounds horrible, but I don’t have the time to work out and then spend hours doing my hair every other day; that won’t work for me.”

Gifford, whose 3c curls fall a few inches past her shoulders, has the same problem as many other women. Whether relaxed, transitioning or natural, some women avoid the gym like the plague for fear that one drop of sweat will ruin the ‘do that they’ve tried hard to create.

And while cornrows are sometimes labeled as the best option for protecting your hair while you work out, that hairstyle is very limiting when trying to switch up your styles throughout the week.

If you have grown out of your TWA (teeny, weeny afro) stage, try to go for a puff or high ponytail when working out. These two hairstyles will protect your curls from sashaying about on your neck and forehead, which may be sweaty. For extra protection, wear a bandanna or scarf around your edges to ensure you’ll still have a smooth look after your workout.

“When my hair was longer, I used to wear flat twists while working out during the week and take them out at the beginning of the weekend for a curly afro look,” Andrews said. “That’s another great way to protect your hair from the sweat.”

If you’re a person who is scared of sweat altogether, try to do workouts that will keep sweating to a minimum. Yoga and pilates are great workouts that focus on flexibility, strength and posture and are less likely to frizz your hair.

Weight training is also a good alternative to cardio exercises. It’s a great way to gain muscle, which also burns fat.

Charnika Jett

Charnika Jett

i work out about 4 days a week and i do spinning and Yoga so i definately work up a sweat. i usually dont touch my hair after the gym but after 2 days my hair gets sticky and dry so i end up having to wash my hair. if and only when i wear a puff or braids i can go longer but puff for me is so hard to detangle
Um...a spray bottle, leave-in, and some oil. Most of the time I just rub my head with oil while it's still sweaty, but if I had to go somewhere I'd spritz with water, add some condish and seal with a light oil. Sweat isn't evil, you know.
Some of us don't just work out for exercise, we literally work outside in all kinds of weather. Winter is easy because I cover my hair. But the summer wind dries my hair out terribly even when covered with a bandana. I know several other outdoor curly girls who would appreciate your help.
Any tips for those of us who do have TWAs?! I just started working out and am concerned about preventing dryness!
I either just put my hair up in a big poofy bun OR most recently, I've bought a couple of Loc Socs that are great for the gym! I lift weights, I box, I do a number of cardio classes as well as Spin so its impossible for me not to work up a sweat. I've found the trick is to either just LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE after leaving the gym so it will just go back into its "initial" pre-gym state OR before leaving the gym I will spritz in a little moisturizing something, seal it with some type of oil and do a quick diffuse and scrunch and I'm good to go. There are lots of options out there for those who really serious about getting their workout on. I'm just sayin'
Now make a "I can't go to bed because of my hair" article. LOL j/k