Just because you’re getting sweaty for a cause doesn’t mean your curls can’t look their best too.

Swimming for the cause?

Prevent chlorine from leaving hair dry and brittle.

Chlorine is a chemical that can leave your hair super dry and stripped of much needed moisture so you’ve got to do a little prep work to avoid the damage. Before diving in, wet hair with tap water, then cover it with a rich conditioner. “The water and conditioner fill the porous holes in the hair so it’s much harder for chlorine to get in,” says Massey. “You can also apply olive oil to your hair instead of conditioner because it’s hydrating and helps repel the chlorinated water.” You can also slip on a bathing cap for added protection. After your swim, make sure to rinse and condition your hair as soon as you can to remove any cholorine that may have seeped in.

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Michele Bender