According to celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi, loose curls, sweeping waves and long flowing hair appear romantic and are perfect for a special Valentine’s Day hairstyle. Here are Philip’s step-by-step tips for achieving the look:

1. Shampoo and condition

Use a strengthening and weightless moisturizing formula to leave hair in top condition but full of body. Try P2 by Philip Pelusi Longevity Shampoo and Longevity Conditioner to strengthen, detangle and condition hair.

2. Add volume

Apply a volume-and-curl-boosting product (like P2 by Philip Pelusi reCurl) and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. If you have natural waves and curls, gently push them into place and either air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. If hair is straight, follow the same instructions, but gently scrunch hair with your fingers while diffusing.

3. Curl

The trick to keeping this look sexy and romantic is to curl the hair in opposite directions. Roll some curls going forward and others going back, and tousle the curls with fingers using a product that gives that “just from the beach sexy hair texture.” Try P2 by Philip Pelusi BeachComber to create soft texture that has an unbelievable citrus scent.