Sharing Natural Hair Products

We all know that dedicated curlies go through extensive hair care regimens to keep their curls looking fabulous. In doing so, we often end up spending gobs of money on good, quality hair care products (no cheap sulfate-infused shampoos for us!). If you’re on a budget, this can definitely cause a financial strain, especially if there are multiple curlies in the house, or if you have different hair types. The solution? Learn to share!

Benefits of Sharing

Besides the obvious benefit, such as cutting down on costs, sharing curly hair products can lead to some bonding time. For instance, if it’s Friday night and you both need to do a deep condition, you can hop in the shower together, wash-up together and then put the conditioners on together. Of course, a deep condition means about 30 to 60 minutes of down time while the conditioner sets. We’re pretty sure you can find something productive to do with your significant other while you wait!

Another benefit of sharing is that it should cut out the issue of one person using “your” shampoo or using the last little drops of your conditioner. If you’re sharing, you both know what you need and how much of it you need, so hopefully your S.O. will be so kind as to let you know that the two of you are running low on something.

Bottom line: sharing is fun! You’ll get cut down on costs and get to experiment with new things simultaneously , such as making homemade hair masks or scalp massages.

Sharing with Different Hair Types

So you’ve decided you want to share and can see all the benefits, but you both have different hair types. Does this disqualify you from being able to share? Nope!

You may not be able to share everything, but there are actually products made for multiple hair types, so choose something that works well with this situation.

We love reading the reviews curlies give products on CurlMart! Part of what we find helpful is seeing what hair type someone has and how that affects his or her review. Some of the best products out there seem to work well for varying hair types. For instance, Curl Junkie’s Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion gets glowing reviews from our reviewers who range from type 2a to 4c and everything in between. You can’t go wrong with that stuff, which is probably why it’s one of our top five picks for moisture!

If shampoo is what you’re looking for, Elucence’s Moisture Benefits Shampoo is not only extremely cost-friendly at just $6 a bottle, but it’s also a favorite amongst our reviewers with type 2-4 curls.

Things to Keep in Mind

While sharing hair care products with your S.O. has its benefits, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

You may find that you both use different amounts of the products the two of you are using, which means one person may use more than his or her “share.” Don’t let this discourage you though; try coming up with a workable solution. Maybe the person using the most can put more toward the cost of the products.

Sharing will also mean that you’ll go through the products faster than usual. However, most of the products you’re already buying probably have the option to increase the size and take advantage of a bulk discount. For instance, Kinky-Curly’s Curling Custard costs $17 for the 8oz jar but it’s only $30 for the 16oz jar.

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Final Thoughts

Sharing hair care products can save you money and give you a great reason to spend some quality time with your significant other.

What curly hair products are you sharing, and how’s it going?