Sound Off: 'Stuff White Girls Say to Black Girls' Parody

2012-01-04 15:39:24

Sound Off: 'Stuff White Girls Say to Black Girls' Parody

Watch vlogger Chesca Leigh's take on the “Stuff White Girls Say…To Black Girls” subject.

All right ladies, so in response to all of the “Stuff [insert gender, race, etc. here] say” videos on YouTube, one vlogger, Chesca Leigh, took on the “Stuff White Girls Say…To Black Girls” subject. Like many of our posts before, this girl covers all the natural hair touching fascination, compliments and other “comments” natural hair women often hear.

Here's the sound off though — what do you think of the post? Many women are hopping on Twitter and even spreading around one Thought Catalog article saying that the video isn’t offensive in and of itself, but that anyone who relates to it is.

As with all these “Stuff Whoever Says” videos, this one is intended to be a parody. While we can’t speak on any of the other scenarios in the video, we do know that as far as hair curiosity goes, most of us agree that “ hair touching” and receiving comments is truly innocent curiosity and even a chance for education. Of course, as always, you tell us!

Side note: This Chesca chick is AWESOME! Check out the rest of her videos and enjoy yourself a good laugh. With all that resolution keeping you have on your plate, you deserve it.

Stuff White Girls Say... Black Girls

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There's another Stuff White Girls Say...To Black Girls 2! Here's the link: ENJOY!
LOL brilliant
I don't think relating to this video is offensive at all, sometimes people say stupid, offensive, and often hurtful things to people without realizing it. That tendency is not race exclusive. The point that I'm going to take away from this video is to call people out when the say some of those sorts of things. If you don't correct people, they never learn.
haha loved it! lmao
Great video! thanks for posting it! :)