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Suzanne Schroeder

Title: Product Editor Curl Pattern: 2c

Suzanne is a longtime member of the NaturallyCurly community and is well-known for her former CurlTalk postings and articles written under her handle CurlySuzy. Today she is the rockstar of all things related to the product database and has an encyclopedic knowledge of products and ingredients.

"My favorite product is (oh this is so hard)  — Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment. I would be lost without this stuff. All my stylers work so much better when I use this. I use it as a daily conditioner and my curls are so thankful! It is like that hearty breakfast your grandmother always told you to eat - a  super way for your curls to get started in the morning!"

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Cassidy Blackwell

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Wooo! Thumbs up for Robin! I totally agree with her! My friend has hair like her! :-)