As a proud member of the fine, curly hair crew, I have to admit that the appearance of thickness is sprouting more high-fives and compliments from my friends.

As I enter my third trimester of pregnancy, there have been a few noticeable changes.

The obvious ones include the size of my belly and a larger bust. Many of my friends say I have the “pregnancy glow” but it’s hard for me to notice. Yet, the most talked about change--besides my belly, of course--has been my hair. People tell me how thick and long it’s getting. They also tell me it won’t last, here’s why…

Normal hair growth vs. pregnancy hair growth

According to the American Hair Loss Association, normal hair growth consists of three phases the anagen, the catagen and the telogen. The anagen phase is the active growth period for hair that lasts about 3-5 years. During this phase, the root is receiving the proper nutrients for growth.

When the catagen phase begins, the hair follicle transitions by shrinking and the hair slowly detaches from the dermal papilla (where the hair receives its nourishment). It is a much shorter period averaging about 10 days.

The telogen phase, also called the resting period, is when the hair actually sheds. This follicle will remain dormant for 2-3 months before preparing itself for another cycle of the anagen stage.

During pregnancy, the higher levels of estrogen causes the hair to remain in the growth phase longer while the shedding phase slows down but unfortunately, the results don’t last after delivery. The hair will return to the normal growth phase and the hair that didn’t shed during pregnancy may shed all at once postpartum.

How this is affecting my curly hair right now

Even though I know the growth phase won’t last, I am definitely enjoying the temporary perks. As a proud member of the fine, curly hair crew, I have to admit that the appearance of thickness is sprouting more high-fives and compliments from my friends.

In addition, my edges are back! Well sort of...

this extended growth phase has kept them around. Prior to my pregnancy, I was persistent with scalp massages, oils and other growth serums. If I dared to stop my regimen, they appeared thinner. Now that I am more than halfway through my pregnancy, I have lost the patience to stick to a regimen yet my edges still stick around. Score!

Guess what else?

Hair is growing everywhere--in all the places you want them to, and even in the places you do not. Although it's not too bothersome, there has been an increase in hair growth on my face, stomach, back, breasts, butt and toes. Every few days, my tweezers are out plucking the unwanted hairs.

I wasn't expecting this at all...

The most unexpected difference has been the changes to my curl pattern. Some of my perfectly spiral curls have taken on a more S-shape. Also, my roots appear a bit looser. After a recent haircut, I expected my curls to spring back but this new curl pattern has remained. It’s difficult to tell if these changes will continue after the pregnancy or revert back. Only time will tell.

What changes have you experienced during and after your pregnancy?

Let us know down below in the comments.

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