I’ve spent more time nurturing my passions than I ever have during these past couple years. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that.

Saunya, A Love Perfect

Wow, It’s been about two years since the last time we spoke, huh? So much has transpired since then. Life has been full, to say the least. I’ve grown so much spiritually and as a woman. God truly has His hand on my life. I turned 30! It’s amazing how I can actually say that with confidence now–I dreaded my thirties and now I’m here and loving it. I’ve spent more time nurturing my passions than I ever have during these past couple years. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that.

In addition to my blog, A Love Perfect and my ongoing project The Prayer Project™, I’ve introduced my newest venture, The Heart Detox which is a 14-day inward journey of the heart. It is a two-week course that focuses on uncovering the hidden hurts of the heart that prevent us from living up to our God-given potential. It is a restoration session that helps women overcome the wounds of their hearts while allowing God to heal all that is broken.

The Heart Detox “Emotions” Challenge was heavily inspired by my own journey.

It was a free five-day challenge that allowed us to explore the five central emotions that control our hearts. We learned how to obtain freedom from them; it was really enlightening! The biggest takeaway for me from this challenge was understanding that our emotions are a product of our thought life.

What we think controls how we feel. Knowing this truth, we can work at making sure our thoughts serve us and are not ruining us.

Saunya, A Love Perfect

A few years ago, I lost my Father to cancer. Within only a few months, I went through the end of a relationship. I was grieving the loss of two people I loved very much–at the same time. Although the pain from both losses was different, the intensity of the hurt I felt was the same.

What I didn’t know at the time, was that God would bring me through that tough time in my life with a story to tell.

This story–my story–is The Heart Detox. By sharing what God did for me, it’s my hope to show others that He can do the same for you.

Being an internal person, I tend to recognize these kinds of needs within myself early. Typically, I can tell that something is off when my thoughts turn into negativity and self-deprecation. Whenever my actions are less than loving or I find myself comparing, complaining, being envious, or having the desire to tear someone else down, I have some clear indicators that something is wrong.

The last time I felt uncomfortable and afraid? Yesterday.

I cried, and prayed, then cried some more. I wrote about it, talked to my sister about it and then cried some more. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs–I get afraid and am uncomfortable often, but I know that they are side effects of growth.

I’ve received so many wonderful messages from women who have gone through The Heart Detox, The Prayer Project™ or have read a blog post of mine that resonated with them; each time it truly humbles me. Beyond all of the benefits of doing this kind of work, this is what humbles me the most.

It is the most gratifying to know that what God has given me has helped someone else.

That is the purpose behind it all. One of the most special and memorable experiences recently was from a young lady from London. She had been following my journey for a few years and wanted to connect with me. She traveled to America and we met for coffee. She expressed how much my story and challenges had helped her. I don’t think she knows, but that was so special to me.

Doing work online can sometimes get lonely. Of course, I get plenty of emails–however, there is something amazing about connecting with a supporter face to face.

The “Emotions” challenge will be back very soon! The Prayer Project 30-day written prayer challenge will return October 1st. Sign up here.

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