My name is Ayana Kovalsky, I'm 24 from Israel and I work as UX designer. 

My style depends on my mood.

It can be ladylike today, urban rock tomorrow, bohemian the next day and so on. I'm also a big fan of "mix and match". I think you always need to push yourself forward with trying new styles and letting your clothes reflect your personality. I love the natural look so I keep my hair in its natural form most of the time, I find it much more healthy and pretty. I also don't use a lot of makeup and when I do I keep it as natural and clean as possible. It's important to me that people will know how I really look like without it.

The trick to my big, defined curls

When I go out I usually wet my hair and I put moisturizer on it and let it dry. When I'm washing my hair at night, I usually put a towel on my pillow and let my hair dry all night without touching it so at morning I am waking up with big well-defined curls. Because I have a really long big thick curly hair, finding a product that will fit it's not an easy task!Now I can happily say that I have found my perfect hair product - Paul Mitchell - flexible style.

A healthy lifestyle is key

The things I do for keeping a healthy lifestyle -
  • Sleeping 7 and half hours minimum every night.
  • Learning my stress habits and how to control it.
  • Eat tons of raw fruits and vegetables and less animal products.
  • Drinking 2 liters of water every day.
  • Exercise 3 times a week.
And last but not least... Learning how to love myself and not taking life too seriously!

The first advice I can give for growing long hair will be pretty obvious, don't cut your hair often only once a year minimum. If you do cut your hair, only cut the damaged edges and go to a hairdresser who knows how to handle curly hair (not just any hairdresser knows, apparently).

I would recommend not straightening or dyeing your curls. I have a natural curly red hair and if I would try different things it would look very dry, damaged and unhealthy.

Another thing you must do is to eat and drink well! It's crucial and important to take care of yourself physically. For example, women with lack of iron in the blood will usually suffer from hair loss and paleness, this is why I'm drinking green smoothie every morning before going to work, it helps me keeping my iron level and it's really tasty!

You can find me on Instagram by my nickname @Ayanule. I photograph my healthy, happy lifestyle journey!