The Best Products for Locs

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These are the must-have products for keeping your locs clean, moisturized, and healthy. 

My favorite shampoos for locs

To keep your locs clean, it is important to thoroughly wash your hair every wash day. Like most naturals, wash day is a process. With locs, it is no different. Start by “opening up” your roots, which involves gently spreading the roots of your locs that may be loosely twisted (not yet loc’d”>, to loosen any product buildup. Once your hair is fully saturated from root to tips, massage your shampoo into your scalp first, then through your hair. 

I love the Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo. This shampoo has a minty smell and a gentle tingly lather that makes your scalp feel refreshed and relieves itching. A little goes a long way with this product! 

“Sulfate-free” does not always mean “all-natural.” Wash day products that include as little processed ingredients as possible means clean hair with less stripping of the natural oils that your hair needs. Here are some other great suggestions:

The Best Products for Locs


My favorite conditioners for locs

I usually lather my shampoo and rinse twice, then follow that with conditioner on my locs before a final rinse with lukewarm water. I like the Jamaican Mango protein conditioner, which spreads super smooth through my locs and washes out easily. Here are a few of my other favorite conditioners for locs.

The Best Products for Locs


The best oils for a healthy scalp

Grapeseed, and tea tree, and coconut, oh my! Essential oils are my favorites to use because they are light and easy to spread through your scalp and hair, which means little to no product buildup on wash day! It helps to know which oils are best for your scalp and any particular issues that you may be dealing with.

The best products include natural ingredients that are easy for your scalp and hair to absorb. Massage a few drops into your scalp and locs for quick allover application or apply to the areas that need it the most. You can make your own mixtures at home or look for products that include essential oils as main ingredients that are lightweight and easy to rub in your hands to distribute through your locs as well. I like to apply my oils at night and let them marinate under my satin scarf or bonnet during my beauty sleep.

The Best Products for Locs

The best leave-in conditioners for moisturized locs

No one likes dry, brittle hair. I dye my hair a few times a year, and sometimes the lightening and chemicals cause my locs to need moisture more often. If your locs are looking a bit lackluster, give them a good squeeze. If they sound crunchy or feel dry, it is because they are thirsty! While washing locs every day is not a great idea, you can prevent dry-feeling locs by adding some moisture every day with a good leave-in conditioner.

The Best Products for Locs

Rosewater spray is one of my favorite everyday leave-in conditioners. It is lightweight, multipurpose (spray on a clean face for some quick hydration”>, and it smells amazing! Here are some recipes to make your own. Almond oil is also perfect for softening dry locs that need some quick nourishment. Either works well for a quick spritz of moisture when I’m on the go or rocking a longer-term style like curls, twists, braids, or an updo. I also love the Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-in Conditioner Spray.

Retwisting products for locs

When twisting your roots, you want to avoid products that are too thick or creamy to make sure that the product holds your roots in place and does not leave behind any residue in your fresh styles (that means no wax products”>. I like to keep it simple with Ecoco EcoStyler Professional Gel. It is easy to find in most stores, lightweight, and super affordable.

The Best Products for Locs

Hair ties to wear your locs up

When I finally reached ponytail status with my locs, I was so excited… until I popped my first hair elastic. During the summer, I love wearing my hair in high buns and ponytails without pulling too hard on my edges. I discovered the magic of these no-crease hair ties, and now they are all I use for ponytails, pineapples, buns, and more. Here are a few other ponytail holders that I would love to have on my wrist at all times.

The Best Products for Locs

Swirly Curly Snap Hair Ties

These are really cool ponytail holders that snap closed, and you can snap multiple bands together to make them longer- even long enough to be a headband!

Aztec Print Hair Ties

Sometimes the print on a hair tie adds the perfect amount of color or texture to a hairstyle. These are fun subtle prints that can work with many different looks.


Scrunchies have made a comeback and I embraced their resurgence with a luxurious splurge on 100% silk scrunchies that are amazingly soft and on trend. I get compliments every time I wear one.

… and a bonus!

The best edge products for locs

For laying those edges down, nothing works better than the Ecoco EcoStyler Professional Gel!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil, or JBCO, is an amazing oil for thickening thinner spots and strengthening the hairline. There were parts of my hairline that were a bit sparse, so I began massaging a few drops of JBCO into those spots every morning and night, and I noticed some amazing growth. The oil is thick, so a little goes a long way!

The Best Products for Locs

The smell of the oil can be a bit strong, so try out some options that are mixed with other oils like peppermint, coconut, or lavender.

Do you have more favorite loc products? Share them in the comments!

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