Votre Vu

Earlier this year, Harold Zimmerman introduced the best of two beauty worlds to the American market with Votre Vu. Combining French traditions and American ingenuity, Votre Vu is a luxurious skin care brand bringing the best naturally-based skincare solutions to the U.S. market and beyond. “French women have different expectations of their skin care products than American women,” says Zimmerman, co-founder and CEO of Votre Vu. “The French philosophy on beauty is simply to make looking great and aging well a part of their daily lives. They take more time and invest more money in maintaining healthy skin, where Americans spend more time and money on covering up flaws. Votre Vu’s products utilize time-honored European methods, but are reintroduced to Americans through effective communications-based consumer selling.” Through its successful E-commerce and consultant opportunities, Votre Vu offers customers multiple channels of convenient shopping. The purpose is to create direct communication between the brand and consumers.

In a time when many consumers are giving up expensive spa and salon treatments, Votre Vu provides affordable at-home indulgences for even the most cost-conscious consumers. “With our products, beauty connoisseurs don’t have to trade in their luxury beauty routines for less effective alternatives,” says Zimmerman. “Votre Vu’s products are not only formulated with potent ingredients but with a high percentage of these power ingredients – and that’s a major differentiator between Votre Vu and most other skin care lines available today. We are raising the skin care bar with our high standards for quality and efficacy.”

With a complete range of products spanning everyday care, intensive care, at-home spa treatments, and even an anti-aging beverage, Votre Vu ensures that every area of a person’s skin care health regimen is tailored to her concerns and needs.


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