In its ninth installment, Consumer Reports AdWatch takes a look at the eyelash growing drug Latisse. The ad is everywhere.

And while it may be easy to spot a TV commercial for Latisse, it’s not so easy for consumers to recognize the downside of gorgeous eyelashes.

Consumer Reports spells it out—the drug, which costs about $100 a month, could make hair grow in places you don’t want it; it could turn your blue eyes brown; it could cause darkening of the lower eyelids and a “raccoon” look; and it could give you itchy, red eyes. And P.S., when you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes return to normal.

Consumer Reports notes that Latisse has caught the eye of the Food and Drug Administration, which in September warned Allergan that promotional materials on the drug’s Web site omitted or minimized certain risks.

As noted in a blog posted at, the Latisse commercial embodies pretty much everything that’s wrong with direct-to-consumer advertising.

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