Cat Eyes

Go for a cat-eye effect to make your eyes pop

Winter is in full effect. And according to my friends in NYC, the northeast, and other parts of the country, we are in a bit of a pickle with the weather. Over two feet of snow in some areas of the tri-state region and beyond has accumulated, yet nightlife shows no signs of slowing down. So, what’s an intrepid and fashionable gal to do when heading out in the snow? Below, my fave tips for keeping warm and looking good during snowstorm season to share with your clients:

Wear waterproof makeup. Simple, affordable options abound everywhere and this is perhaps the most important tip I can give. After all, snow is simply water in solid form. If you want your makeup to stay put, opt for waterproof eye and skin makeup especially. A large makeup store that carries a variety of brands might be a good place to start to find colors and formulas that work for you (try Sephora) and will stay put throughout the inevitable snowball fights.

You may also want to call attention to your lovely face with bright colors and dramatic looks which will punch up your look despite your dreary surroundings. Winter often means parched skin and sallow complexions, but it doesn’t have to. Been wanting to try out a dewy, pearlescent look? Now is the time. It will add punch to just about any drained and stressed face. Simply mix your favorite rich moisturizer with a liquid foundation or purchase a shimmery tinted moisturizer and cream blush to get the look. Likewise, a bright lip or dark eye will ensure you’ll look like a vivacious vixen. I like a classic red in a matte shade or coral for lips. Berry-stained lip gloss works too. For eyes, go for the drama with a gorgeous cat-eye effect in true black or smokey eyes in a shimmery gray.

Colorful tights

Colorful tights will keep you warm and oh so stylish

As for your crowning glory, keep hair under wraps. Literally. Now is the time to don that cute hat you’ve been meaning to try out (I like fedoras and knit vintage-inspired caps) or the trendy braided hairstyles we’ve been seeing all over. Undone hairstyles with an edge work well, too, with inclement weather. Just make sure your artfully messy chignon looks messy all over and not like an intentional hot mess. Remember, hair product is your friend as well and so is having unwashed strands. They are easier to style updos with and look cute tucked underneath a cap, when you’re rocking your natural texture. If you hair is a little too greasy, go at it with some dry shampoo first before styling.

Lastly, you know the deal when it comes to dressing in the cold weather. Layer, layer, layer, but keep each layer of clothing thin but warm, so you don’t appear bulky. Sleek cardigans, funky hoodies and vintage long-sleeved sequined tops are all good options for tops. If you’re going for a dressier look, try a thin, nice quality turtleneck underneath a dress (very Vera Wang) but keep the length short so the outfit isn’t frumpy and dumpy. Opaque tights, colorful and textured leggings, skinny jeans, jeggings or a long, knit maxi dress a la the ’90s paired with a leather bomber jacket and some flat, chunky boots (very My So-Called Life) are all chic ideas. And don’t forget to stay warm!