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The work week can be pretty monotonous for those of us always in a rush. There’s not enough time in the morning for hair styling, or arranging cute outfits. As a result, we end up with a boring hair style and a boring set of slacks that leaves something to be desired. The weekend, however, is about having fun, letting loose and changing up you style. Why not have a look that reflects that? Here’s my recipe for a summer weekend makeover.

The Hair

Three Braid Updo

If you plan on being outside for the weekend, try this fun three braid updo. You won’t have annoying hair sticking to your neck while you’re out and about, making it the perfect, fun style for your weekend activities. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Section your hair into three segments
  2. Braid each segment into three-strand braids
  3. Secure each braid with a hair elastic
  4. Gather the three braids and braid them together, securing them with a hair tie
  5. Roll up your braid towards the bottom of your head, pin with bobby pins

Here’s a visual tutorial on how to get your three braid updo. In the evening, try letting your braids loose for sexy crimped wave that you can wear for a night on the town.

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The Makeup

Light and Rosy

Now that you’ve got the hair down, it’s time to match it with makeup. During the work week I’m often confined to using neutral eye shadows that aren’t too flashy, so the weekend welcomes a fun use of color.  All you need is white eye shadow, silver eye shadow, and a light pink shadow.

  1. Apply a light coat of white shadow under your eyebrows.
  2. Take the silver eye shadow and apply it to the inner corner of your eye lid, stroking towards your nose.
  3. Apply a light coat of the white eye shadow to the rest of your eye lid.
  4. Dab the outside of your eye lid with the pink eye shadow very lightly.
  5. Blend in the colors with your finger tip; none of the colors should be contrasting.

For the rest of your makeup, use dark brown eye liner and black mascara. It will help the pink color pop out but not overwhelm the arrangement. Here’s a visual aid to help you through the process.

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The Outfit


For your weekend fun, try wearing a colorful sundress that will compliment your hair and makeup. I’m thinking of something fun and flirty, such as this The weekend is a perfect time to be bold with your accessories. Here are some tips for accessorizing and creating the perfect summer day outfit.

  • Mix up your colors. Don’t be too matchy. Instead of your usual white or black cardigan, try matching your sundress with a bold lime green or pink!
  • Add a pop of color with your purse. A purse is a perfect way to add color to a solid sundress. Again, don’t be too matchy with your outfit. Try a yellow purse with a pink dress, or a teal blue purse with a red dress.
  • Get away from the standard neutral colors. Be daring. For your shoes, wear something neutral but not in your everyday wear, such as gold or silver. It’s a great way to bring your whole outfit together while also adding some sparkle.

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