Quickly redo your makeup from office blah to evening wow!

It's 5:15 p.m. on a chilly Thursday evening in December and you're standing in the ladies' room at your office staring at your reflection in the mirror. In a few minutes, you and your co-workers will be walking over to the restaurant where your company will treat you to a holiday party, and you're trying to figure out how to make what's left of your daytime makeup look good in festive candlelight.

Day to Night Makeup

Getting ready for the office party? We've got day to night makeup tips.

It's really not necessary to wash everything off and start over, and a little advance planning can help you make the transition from Super Staffer to Bewitching Beauty with relative ease.

First, it helps to know the level of formality of the event since it can range from an open house at someone's home to a sit-down dinner dance at a hotel ballroom. Less makeup works for the first, while you might want to pull out all the stops for the second.

Shimmer, smoky eyes and sparkling lips are ideally suited to the party circuit of November, December and early January.

Start your day by putting concealer on your eyelids and setting it with powder. This will make a base for your eyeshadow to grab on to and it's more likely to last all day. Start with a softly shimmering shade in peach, cream or pink—my choice is NARS Night Star.

Apply the balance of your daytime eyes as usual, but hold off on the mascara for a minute. Decide if you'd like the drama of false eyelashes here. If you're going to the office and then on to a party, I don't recommend a full set. However, the tiny clumps sold as "individual" lashes work nicely. Apply two or three to the outer corners of each eye, let the glue dry, then add mascara.

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Angela Lukach