wedding makeup tips

This is your moment to shine.

All right—you want to look fabulous for this special time! Think ahead and start getting your skin in the best shape possible. This is not a last minute decision, you must prepare your skin for a smooth application and it is wise to start this a month before the event.

Do not get a last minute facial just days before the big day as your skin may be irritated and will need extra time to recover. Yet, if you haven’t been good with skin care, a makeup primer will enable you to get a beautiful finish. Choose one that is right for your skin type; make sure that if you are oily, you choose a formula that works for oily skin and will not cause breakouts. Most makeup primers have a silicone base that days after use may cause breakouts. Shop wisely and read labels.

Draw Attention to the Eyes

Now for the fun stuff. Play up you—not your dress color. You want to bring out your beauty and features and yes, you can bring some of the color of your dress into the makeup palette, but it is your eyes and features that should be brought forward.

Always make sure your makeup foundation or powder matches your skin. Match it to your neck, testing a small amount. When it disappears, then you have the right match.

Conceal Imperfections

Use a concealer after a liquid foundation and before a powder foundation. This should be about two shades lighter than your complexion color. Apply it under the eyes and in the laugh lines and add it to the top of your cheekbones. Also apply it to the darker areas of the face. If you have a weak chin, lighten it up a bit, or if your eyes are close together lighten up the space between the eyes. Accent the outer corners of your eyes to bring attention to those beautiful eyes.

Bring on the Bronzer

Create definition by applying a bronzer to cheekbones, soften a high forehead by shading the top half and slim a wide nose by applying it to just the sides. Lightly dust down with powder to soften then blend with a sponge. Remember: blending is critical, as you just want a subtle tone. Do not choose a bronzer with a lot of shine—you want it to look natural like a tan.

Warm Versus Cool Colors

Now is the time to understand warm and cool tones. Most people look best with cool colors but there is a small percentage of people who will glow with the warm shades. It is you, not the color of your makeup, that should stand out, so if all you notice is the eye shadow, you are probably using the wrong colors. Play up your natural coloring and accent just a touch to the colors you are wearing.

Experiment weeks ahead of time. You know how hard you shopped for this occasion, so put the time into designing your face and you will be pleased with the results. Practice and re-evaluate how you see yourself—it is you that needs to shine, not the makeup.

Enjoy the moment, for you are beautiful!