Tips for getting an “edgy” look that you can sport for a night on the town.

The Outfit

Be Bold

Remember, an edgy style incorporates elements of fashion that you’re slightly uncomfortable with. For a fun night out on the town, be daring. Wear something you usually wouldn’t wear, not because it’s tacky, but because it’s bold. Have a top that’s a little sexier than you’re used to? Wear it! Here are some tips for arranging an edgy outfit:

  • Mix up patterns and textures: try combining a leopard skirt with a lacy top
  • Leather leggings: very bold, and quite forgotten, leather is a great material that always looks good and stands out
  • High boots: boots are the most classic shoes worn with an edgy outfit — the higher, the more dramatic
  • Booties: booties are the more modern, alternative to high boots. Try pairing these with lacy tights for a really sexy look
  • Black pencil skirts: they go great with everything, and will create a contrast to your big hair

For more inspiration, visit! This blog post has great examples of edgy cocktail dresses that can be worn off the runway.

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How would you give yourself an edgy makeover? 

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