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I absolutely love podcasts! I get to listen to my favorite personalities share content that I am truly passionate about. The convenience of the podcast is also a plus, since I have access to these shows on my smartphone and tablet. When should you listen to a podcast? Any time you want! Podcasts are a great way to get through a traffic jam, tackling that homework assignment, or even during your workout. It allows you to connect with the person at the other end of your ear bud, which is pretty dope. There are a variety of podcasts including pop culture, sports, and even wellness. Choose a genre that you enjoy, bookmark it on your phone, and become a daily listener! Need a podcast to start with? Check out these top podcasts starring our curlfriends!

The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone, presented by Loud Speakers Network, is a podcast hosted by Dustin Ross, Assante, and wellness blogger Francheska Medina, also known as HeyFranHey. The content of this show varies from pop culture to wellness. One minute you will laugh and the next you will evaluate different areas in your life to see where you can improve. Check out new episodes of The Friend Zone every Wednesday.

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The Read

The Read is a weekly podcast show presented by Loud Speakers Network starring Kid Fury and Crissle. Be prepared for your cheeks to hurt after the episode ends, because you will laugh a ton. No need to check social media for your dosage of pop culture, The Read covers it for you. By the way, they both unapologetically stan for Beyoncé. 

Black Girls Talking

Fatima, Alesia, and Ramou share their views on life and pop culture from the perspectives of black women. While listening to this biweekly podcast, you will feel like you are talking to your girlfriends. It is easy to relate to these ladies, which will keep you coming back for more!

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Another Round

Buzzfeed presents Another Round, a weekly podcast hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu. This podcast will remind you of Happy Hour, so treat yourself to a cocktail while listening (only if you are legal drinking age). These curly girls present fun topics, special guests, and will keep you laughing.

Food Heaven Podcast

Wendy and Jess are registered dietitians and creators of Food Heaven Made Easy. Along with blogging, the two curlies also have a podcast. Their show shares content on food, wellness, and fitness. The show also provides great tips and easily allows you to understand health/wellness to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah create a biweekly podcast that offers content on holistic health, wellness, self-love, and self-care for women of color. This is a relatively new podcast, but the content of this show leaves an ever-lasting impression. For curlies who enjoy content on health and wellness, this new gem is worth checking out.

What are your favorite podcasts starring curlfriends? Please share with the curly community.