Julia Rizzo

Julia Rizzo

CurlyTeen Scene is a column especially for curly teens. Julia Rizzo is a teenager living in Central New York. When not writing, she enjoys acting, reading and snow skiing. She has loved writing as long as she can remember, and plans to pursue a career in English. She hopes her column will provide encouragement and inspire girls to love their curly hair.

I’ve realized that in my nine months of writing this column, I’ve catered mostly to girls. Yes, we worry a lot about our hair, but lately it has come to my attention that there are a lot of curly guys out there, too! So this month I’ll write a column for all of you, our friends, brothers and boyfriends.

One of my guy friends has curly red hair, which he adamantly refuses to let anyone touch. We all tease him about his insistence on not having his hair messed with. But he’s onto something. The more you touch curly hair after you style it, the more it has a tendency to frizz. In the same vein, it is almost never a good idea for guys to blow-dry their hair.

Stick to the basics, boys. Einstein had an interesting look, but probably not one you want to emulate. Also, don’t let it get too long. Curly hair in your eyes and face will not only be hard to manage, but you’ll probably find yourself looking a little bit like a poodle by the end of the day.

So, now that you’ve got some don’ts of curly hair, here are a few do’s. Curly hair is usually dry hair, so try to condition. If you shower twice a day (athletes and the germaphobes alike”>, a conditioner is a must! Suave for Men 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner works well for my brother, who plays soccer year ’round. It’s inexpensive, and just as quick as your regular shampoo. It’ll clean your hair and condition it all in one step, it smells masculine, and you can take it to the gym without shame.

For those of you up for a little styling (especially if you have finer hair that just needs some taming”>, try a light cream or gel. Almost anything with a light hold will do, and remember, you’ll need one with a lighter hold than your friends who want to spike their hair.

Generally you can just rub some on your palms, run your hands through damp hair after getting out of the shower and you’re good to go.

So girls, share this column with your guys. And, guys, take heart; taking good care of your curly hair doesn’t have to be a long process. With one or two convenient products in your shower or gym bag, who knows? You may find you have a whole new ‘do, and a whole new you!

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