duckie brown

A look from Duckie Brown.

Texture was everywhere at Fashion Week Spring 2011 but surprisingly it was most evident on the heads of the adorable male models. Almost every male model I saw walking the runways this past week had curls! The most popular look both on and off the runway was a '30s style, short on the sides, big on top, blown-out, finger-wave look. Buckler and Duckie Brown were great examples of this style.

Another trend within the tents of Lincoln Center, which was a surprise to me, was the revival of the Mohawk. This isn’t your typical punk rock, high schooler trying to rebel against society; these were well-manicured, somewhat softer-looking Mohawks. Overall, I was pretty impressed to see the male population put so much effort into their hair and can’t wait to see if this trend actually takes off.