When it comes to caring for curly facial hair, it can be just as complex as caring for the curls on your head. Here are a few tips for caring for curly facial hair to let you put your best face forward all the time.

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1. Wash accordingly

Deciding when to wash your beard or facial hair can be a tricky subject. If you have short facial hair, you may feel comfortable washing it once a day but if it is longer, washing it every day may feel like a chore. There can be some downsides to washing your facial hair everyday as well, like loss of moisture and natural oils being stripped away. This is especially important if you are hoping to keep growing your facial hair out. For best results, a good rule of thumb for most men is to wash it every other day.

2. Trim your beard

A lot of men believe that when gaining their desired growth and length, trimming or grooming facial hair is a no-no. However, this is a total myth. You do need to trim it! Aside from the previously mentioned issues, not keeping up with regular trims will only end up giving you split ends. Make sure to trim your facial hair every few weeks, depending on how much growth you are getting and what your goals are in terms of length.

3. Prune the unruly

Again, along the same lines of trimming, there is nothing wrong with doing some extra hair landscaping. If you have a few unruly hairs that are going against the shape you are looking for, pluck them out using tweezers or trimming scissors. A little selective pruning allows you more control over the shape of your facial hair overall.

4. Avoid picking

When it comes to matters of grooming, many men will eventually face ingrown hairs — these can be painful and unsightly to deal with. While you may want to pluck the hair, let it run its course or you will run the risk of an even worse infection forming. Are you experiencing bad razor burn or ingrown hairs on a regular basis? If so, see your dermatologist to determine if there is a problem at the follicle level or to find ways to prevent it from happening.

5. Don’t forget about your skin!

The worst thing you can do is care for the hair and skip out on the skin. Make sure you’re moisturizing the skin underneath your beard and your chin to avoid any dryness or chafing that can be downright uncomfortable. A few good tips for this area is to avoid any product with harsh chemicals, added fragrance, or artificial dyes. You should also apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage to your skin. Don’t think because there is hair there, that your skin underneath is protected.

When it comes to caring for your facial hair, it can be as easy as you make it. With these tips find your routine and your beard will thank you.

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