Gender expression is so much more complicated than it needs to be.

Although it’s cool that we have products delineated as ‘For guys’, from an objective standpoint, it’s actually kind of ridiculous that we’ve come to assign sexual traits to things like hair length, the ability to carry personal effects easily, and ESPECIALLY the desire to groom oneself properly, but for better and worse, here we are. Curly sociology professionals, feel free to go nuts in the comments section.

While we’re waiting on it to be acceptable for all genders to embrace the styles and products they want and not have it be an indicator of anything except their favorite colors and motifs, since gift-giving season is upon us, it might be a good idea to fold for now, and just grab grooming products that the masculine folks in our lives won’t want to hide under the sink.

Baby steps, but in the meantime, check these brands out.


Three Darshana products

Imagine an orange in a business suit. Okay, half of y’all are thinking of something along the lines of the famous Rene Magritte painting, and the other half of you are wondering if I’m a few fruits short of a basket. You’re all technically right, but hear me out. Darshana makes a great, spicy citrus smelling line of products that’s both fresh AND classy, and would make anyone want to get their vitamin C on, hence the metaphor. Besides, no man can resist the draw of a classy back label. It’s just science.

Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jimmy

Got a hipster on your hands? Uncle Jimmy’s will be exactly what you’ll want to put in his fair trade, handcrafted burlap gift-basket. Dudes that like lumberjack chic, craft beer, and taking it back to 1925 every now and again are going to love this product line…unironically.

Tropic Isle Living

Tropical Isles rosemary oil, hair therapy, and coconut oil products

This is the brand that always conjures up pleasant memories of the men in my spread out island family—any Caribbean old heads you’re shopping for this year will know you know what’s up when they unwrap this. Most men might shy away from their lavender offerings, but the coconut, aloe vera, and sage JBC oil blends offer scents that can definitely fall masculine of center while they aid hair growth and fight ashiness from head to toe.

Happy People Only


Crisp. Minimalist. Tasteful. Those words come to mind with exactly that sort of delivery looking at this avocado based line of products. I feel like this is for the dude owns boat shoes and has actually worn them on a boat. That’d make anyone happy. Or seasick. Or both.



Got Royalty? Naturelle’s line looks fit for a king with the deep blue and fancy seal. If this brand were a person, it’d probably be Kyle from Living Single. And we ALL know how suave that dude was. Class up the curls of the men in your life, and class up their shower shelves with Naturelle’s offerings. It’s clearly an upgrade.

So what do we think?

Have you ever put off shopping for a man or boy because you know they’re sensitive to “girly things”? Let us know how you handle it in the comments!

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